Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Making of the Window Displays

By: Amberly Asay

Creating window displays is really fun, but it is also a lot of work.  This Halloween season we had a lot of fun with our window displays.  We didn't want to be too scary but keep up the Autumn season.

The Cinderella Display-

The Cinderella display was fun for the little princess inside of me.  I found the perfect golden pumpkin and autumn leaves at Hobby Lobby.  We found some cardboard masks at Michaels and painted and "bejeweled" them ourselves.

The beading we were also able to purchase at Hobby Lobby (in the holiday garland section) and figuring out how to drape them was definitely the most difficult part.  By simply twisting the beads I was able to create a little hook that fit perfectly in the slots between the wall and the ceiling.

Throughout this project we learned the great and art design work of spray paint.  We wanted to paint our picture frame to make it look similar to a mirror.  We first sprayed it gold and decided that the "nickel" paint was a much better look for the overall display. 

The Mummy Display-

I am not going to lie, this display was probably my favorite display thus far.  We made a mummy, a pyramid, iridescent beetles, and jeweled spiders.

For the mummy we had an old hair school dummy.  We took strips of fabric and covered it in a mixture of Elmer's Glue and water.  Camille was the creative genius in making sure the mummy was wrapped up tightly and securely.

The pyramid was fun, we purchased Styrofoam from Michaels and created one corner of a pyramid.  We made pillars behind the walls to hold up the product. 

The iridescent beetles were also a fun challenge.  We purchased plastic toys from the Dollar Store and when we went to first paint the beetles they would not hold the first layer very well.  The second layer we sprayed with a metallic bronze/gold color and that held.  Then we lightly sprayed a blue over the beetles and we got our creepy beetles.  The spiders we also sprayed gold and then glued a turquoise sequin to their back.

The displays are always fun to make and stay tuned for when we change them again, November 5, 2012.

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