Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Studio 1030 Window Displays

By: Amberly Asay

Well, the time has come to change the window displays and we had a lot of fun designing these windows.  We wanted to appeal to some different demographics while still helping everyone get ready for the summer!

Eyelash Window
We are able to do eyelash extensions at Studio 1030, and we wanted to let more people know about this.  I found the picture of the gold eye and knew this is what we were going to feature.  We wanted more of a simplistic window and made the other two signs to accompany our photo.  Using browns, golds and black we were able to design this beautiful window with simplicity and style.

Beach Boy
We wanted to help everyone get more into the summer mood so we decided on a beach theme.  Of course, each beach needs driftwood and I had some fun making our own.

We took an old pallet and had fun breaking it apart.  I painted it with an undercoat of dark brown and a top layer of cream paint.  Then we sanded some of the excess paint off.  To make our message in a bottle, we burnt the edges of the paper and tried to make the paper look aged and salty.  The message in the bottle is in fact real and may be full of secrets...but no one will never know.

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