Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Window Displays

    By: Amberly Asay

As Summer has arrived, we wanted to do something a little more fun and exciting with our window displays.   Working in the beauty industry, we have come to realize that a lot goes into something or someone who is beautiful.  Obviously with people, if they are beautiful on the inside they are also beautiful on the outside.  Unfortunately, it is still necessary to keep up your appearance.  And we know first impressions go a long way.

To reflect the way beauty is portrayed we decided to do the front window a little bit differently then we normally would have, more abstract.  We have the collage of the girl being painted by the articulated wooden mannequin, with makeup smeared over his white cloth and quotes on beauty in the background.  It was a very artistic approach and tells an entertaining story while expressing deep meaning.

The second window was a lot of fun.  We wanted to do an escape to the undersea world, and it turned out even more mystical then we thought it would.  We just used a collection of garden sea shells for the floor, green sparkly trees we used in our Christmas display for seaweed and of course glass ornaments for the bubbles.  We dubbed the girl in the background poster our modest mermaid.  Her treasure chest is filled with bits of things like colorful pebbles and sea glass as well as a new line of products that we will be selling at Studio 1030 this year.

"Lira™ Products bring anti-ageing technology together with the healing power of natural ingredients. The result is a powerful skin care system that uses science to unlock nature’s secrets." These natural products include: gold, silver, zinc, copper, magnesium, mastiha, swiss apple, grape stem, edelweiss, sea fennel and alpine rose stem, just to name a few.  You can get a treatment with these products at your next facial at Studio 1030:

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