Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Skin

Everybody wants to have that beautiful summer glow, but nobody wants skin cancer.  Here is how to tan safely:

1. Use Sunscreen!

Sunblock will block UV rays that tan your skin, but sunscreen allows for some UV rays to get through so your skin will tan. The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) on the sunscreen bottle represents the amount of UV radiation that can get to your skin.  So if your bottle says "SPF 30," that means that 1/30th of the sun's UV rays will contact your skin.  For tanning, use a sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher so that you will still tan without damaging your skin.

2. Know When to Tan

The UV radiation is at its highest between 10am and 4pm so don't tan for as long during those times.  Tan in increments so that you don't damage your skin.  One hour a day is a safe amount of time.

3. Use Tanning Oil

Tanning oil will help make the UV rays more intense which will help you tan darker. Use a tanning oil with SPF 15 or higher to be safe.

For more info and other alternatives for tanning click the link:

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