Friday, September 6, 2013

14 Fashion Trends this Fall

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1. Leopard
 This majestic animal is not only ruling the jungle but it is taking over the runway.  Outfits were decked out in head-to-toe leopard.  It was used on dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, shoes, bags, everywhere!  Even in colored prints.  So don't go and buy tiger this season, leopard is the one you want.

2. Fur
Fur was everywhere on the runways and was being shown in so many different forms--as collars on dresses, fur coats, fur skirts and especially in bold colors! 

3. Knee-high Boots
The past several years the more modern-feeling booties have been in style, but that is going to change this fall.  The chunky heel knee-high boots are being paired with skirts, dresses and oversized tops.  Plan on having warm legs this fall and winter. 

4. Layering
Layering has been a trend for the last little while, but get ready for more colorful layers this season.  You will be seeing purple with orange and pink all together in one outfit. Apparently it can be done. 

5. Black & White Separates
This was a popular trend in the spring wear, and it has followed into the Fall.  It was a major theme running through every designer at fashion week.  It was most often shown using contrasting separates in interesting shapes, accompanied with monochromatic accessories.

6. Same-Print Mixing
Last season we saw a lot of super-opposing print separates together, for example chevron and florals.  It would seem that print-mixing is taking a different tactic for fall.  Several designers showcased pieces with similar prints in different sizes and colors. 

Pink was the most popular color this time around.  Dresses, outerwear, suits and sportswear were all pink.  Many of the designers counter-weighted the sweetness of the color with modern silhouettes. 

8. Over-sized Coats
There was nothing subtle about coats this fall.  The coats are dramatically over-sized, with drop shoulders, extra-long cuffs and large lapels. 

9. Chic Sweatshirts
Not so form fitting, but sweatshirts are making their way back into style. But not just any sweatshirt, luxe sweatshirts.  Painted designs and other designs are on the front of these stylish sweatshirts.  The shirts were often paired with swingy skirts or skinny trousers. 

10. The Under-Arm Bag Tuck
The cool way to carry your purse is under your arm, clutch style.  But these bags are not clutches they are satchels and totes complete with handles.  I mean why be practical when it comes to fashion?

11. Winter Whites
This was a major theme on the runways with designers showcasing head-to-toe looks with modern separates, but the separates come in varying shades of stark, ivory and cream.  Don't be worrying about the "no white after labor day" rule, we expect to see white coats, jeans and boxy sweaters this season.

12. Bokeh Prints
Bokeh is a photography term for what looks like blurred lights!  This design was showcased as print on the runways mostly on evening-ready dresses.  Shoppers probably won't seek out bokeh prints for the print itself, but if you find a dress with this feature on it, we are pretty sure you'll try it on. 

13.  Army Trousers
Unlike the skinny cargo jeans of the past couple of years, these military trousers are a bit lose around the thighs.  The trick is to wear them with high heels to keep the look from getting too costumey.

14. Leather Sweatpant
The leather sweat pant is a looser cut and has an elastic waist.  These pants are not only really comfortable but they are also really stylish.  Be sure to wear them with a heeled shoe though.

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