Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nine Winter Must-Haves

All of these pieces of clothing are important and can be used in multiple different outfits.

Number One.  The skinny jeans.  Pick a pair of skinny jeans that can be used with almost anything, like a black or dark blue jean.  If your feet are cold tuck them into a pair of knee-high boots.  If you are wanting to look a little trendy pair them with ballet flats and a leather jacket.

Number Two. The cashmere sweater.  A cashmere sweater goes with everything.  If you pin it with jeans, skirts, printed trousers, leather pants, or shorts, you just can't go wrong.

Number Three. A long sleeve t-shirt.  Not only is a long sleeve t-shirt an ideal layering piece but it works during any time of the year.

Number Four. A chambray button-down.  Are you tired of just a plain white button-down?  Exchange it for a chambray button-down and spice things up.

Number Five. A bright-color coat.  Living in Provo we are pretty much wearing coats from October to March and your outerwear is what everyone sees.   To dress it up you can pair it with a fashionable scarf.

Number Six. Knee-High Boots.  Especially with all of the snow, it is essential for every girl to own a pair of knee-high bots.  Make sure they are brown, they will go with more things if you do.  Not only will you be warm, but you will look very stylish.

Number Seven.  Knit Sweater-dress. During the winter and fall we sometimes are sick of wearing jeans and would like to wear something a little more feminine. Get a nice pair of leggings (to still keep your legs warm), pull over a sweater-dress and pair with a nice pair of boots.

Number Eight. A printed scarf.  Whether you choose a zigzag pattern, classic leopard print, other animal print, or polka dot print, a printed scarf is sure to function as a great accessory and great way to keep warm.

Number Nine. Flannel Shirts. Flannel shirts are in style this season and can be paired with almost anything.  You can get them in numerous colors, accessorize with scarfs, boots and necklaces.

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