Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Gifts for Him

Shopping for a boy during the Holidays can be extremely stressful.  The boy doesn't even have to be a significant other; a father, brother, best friend, grandfather are all difficult to shop for.  Everyone has different tastes and likes and finding the perfect gift can be somewhat challenging.  Don't worry, we have gathered a few ideas for the perfect gift.

1. Bacon Tie
Men usually receive ties as gifts because they are easy, and make them look so good! I suggest breaking the norm and get him a bacon tie.  Every man likes bacon and it will for sure become his new favorite.

2. Make a YouTube Video
With all the access we have to technology, there is no reason why anyone can't learn to make a
YouTube video.  You can make a video with pictures of the two of you, accompanied with video clips and special songs.  You could even film yourself doing something creative for him, like writing "I love you" in the snow or sand.

3. Picture Collage
Put together a collage of pictures with you and the special man in your life.  If you are making this gift for a father, or a brother, you can include pictures with family members or perhaps their favorite sports team.  You can put this collage together with glue and a picture frame, or you can order it from a photo website on one large sheet.

                    4. Write a Poem or Song
I mean, it worked for Desiree on the Bachelorette. You don't have to be a published author or a rockstar to write a sweet/heartfelt poem or song for that special person.  If you write a song make sure you sing it to him.  If it's a poem, frame it and wrap it up.

5. Cook Something
I haven't met a man yet who doesn't like food, so it's a pretty safe bet that if you make him some food, he will love it. You can cook him his favorite meal or just a few of his favorite treats.

6. Personalized guitar pick
For the musical man in your life, it can be extremely difficult to find something he will use that will be in your price range.  I suggest you get him a personalized guitar pick.  You can order them online or get one engraved.

7. Memory Book
The ultimate gift would be a memory book.  You can use photos of different things that are important to him, along with souvenirs, and remnants of things you've done together.  You can use all sorts of stickers and embellishments to make it his own.  This book can be similar to that of the "Adventure Book" on the Disney movie UP.

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