Friday, January 24, 2014

Coloring your hair.

By: Amberly Asay

There are certain kinds of people in the world.  There are people who think box color dye is healthy for your hair, the people who think box color is awful, or the people who believe that box color and professional color are pretty much equal on the damage spectrum.

There seems to have been an ongoing debate between box and professional coloring.  Some choose professional color because they don't want to mess up their own hair.  Others choose box color because it's cheaper, and then there are the people who mix the two... (NEVER do this).

Box colors are difficult because they all come with the exact same volume of developer (the stuff that makes your hair change color).  Usually the box has about 12% or greater developer in their mix. However, when a professional stylist dyes hair they use many factors when deciding how much developer to use.  For example, dirty blonde hair that is being dyed to a buttery blonde would not need as much developer as a medium shade brunette would.  Another fun fact, less developer=healthier hair.

Box color can really damage your hair cuticles. Box color leads to unwanted hair.  The amount of ammonia in the mix causes the ends of your hair to shrivel up.  Switching between box color and professional color is especially bad.  Because box color is so different, it is very difficult for professionals to predict what is going to happen to your hair when they try to use professional dye on top of your box color dye.  You probably don't want your hair turning purple or green after your trip to the salon, so be careful!

The damage the box dye causes to your hair ends creates the need to get your hair cut more often.  You also take the risk of box hair dye turning into a nightmare which would warrant an emergency trip to the salon to correct your color.  Not only is box color worse economically in the long run, it robs you of smooth, healthy hair.

The conclusion you should reach from this post?  Always use professional dye when coloring your hair.

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