Monday, May 19, 2014

5 Ways you are making your skin look dull.

1. You are drinking the wrong liquids.
If you are dehydrated your skin will show it.  You should drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day (especially when living in a desert). Coffee and alcohol are particularly draining, but you shouldn't have a problem with that if you're at BYU.

2. You are spending too much time in the sun.
You should be wearing sunscreen.  Spending too much time in the sun means you can dry out your skin, leaving it dull and dead.

3. You are using makeup remover wipes and not washing your face.
Makeup removers remove makeup.  The alcohol in the wipes dries out your skin.  When you take your makeup off, it is important that you wash your face with a cleanser and then a moisturizer before you go to bed.

4. You are staying up late and waking up early.
We skip sleep because we don't think we really need it.  One late night and you will make it through day one, but when it comes to habit you have issues.  Your body needs time to rejuvenate and rebuild itself.  If you aren't sleeping, your body can't function because you are using its energy to simply stay awake.  Try to go to sleep at the same time each night and morning, so your body can rest, making your skin brighter!

5. Your diet is high in carbs and low in vegetables.
When you are super busy your diet can easily become your last priority.  We grab things like refined carbs, because they satisfy hunger and are easy to eat on the go, but when we do this instead of eating fruits and vegetables it takes a toll on our skin.  The sugars our body processes in carbs go directly to our skin, making the tone of our skin uneven and giving it a dull appearance.

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