Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sleeping Beauty Make-Up

Maleficent is being released on May 30, 2014.  This movie has been one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Maleficent is the untold story of the villain from 'Sleeping Beauty'.  We decided to do our own take on Sleeping Beauty since she will be in this movie as well.  We based most of our colors from the 1959 Disney Version of Sleeping Beauty. 

We were trying to decide if we should do pink or blue eyeshadow. Through our research we found that the running gag in the movie, where two of the fairies argue about what color Princess Aurora's dress should be (pink or blue), comes from the filmmaker's problem as to what color Aurora's dress should be (pink or blue). We decided on pink (obviously). 

We used gloProfessional eyeshadow and wanted to play with soft and bright pinks.  We started lighter on the inside and got darker as we went out.  We did a thick eyeliner on the top of her lid, to give her that more open and awake look.  

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