Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Number One Rule in Makeup

There are a lot of rules to follow when getting ready for the day.  However, during the holidays many of these rules are forgotten or broken.

A red lip is everyone's holiday favorite, however you must never play up both the mouth and the eyes.  If you do a red lip use a very neutral and soft eye.  When you use a smokey eye, always use a nude lip.  

Tips for a red lip:
Pick the right shade for your skintone.
If you use a lip liner, use one that is close to your natural lip color, chances are you will not find a red lip liner that will match the shade of red in your lipstick.
Again only use light eye makeup with your red lipstick. 

Here are some tips on your smokey eye:
The number one rule is blending! You need to pair light base colors with rich dark colors. Nice mixes include: Soft gold base with deep purple on top, champagne base with bright blue and peach base with green hue.  Use an eye liner pencil, because the pencil is the easiest to blend.  Use a cream as your main shade on your eye lid and then use a dark eyeshadow color.  Use an eye shadow brush to blend in color starting at your lash line, blending up. Make sure to blend color into the lash line so the eye liner disappears.

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