Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2014 Fall Fashion

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1. Rich Greens
Whether it's a dress, a coat, earrings or a purse, rich greens are in this season.  They look beautiful
and are great eye catchers.

2. Cozy Days
Fall is great for sweaters, leaves and cuddling up near the fireplace.  This fall however your cozy evening look is in, with oversized sweaters, sweater pants and much more you are sure to not only feel comfortable this season but look comfy as well.

3. Tight Knit
Knit is always a fall staple but this season knit has gone tight with perfectly tailored silhouettes.  It is coming in fashions from head-to-toe with some slim ribbed versions.

4. Gray is in!
When the weather gets cooler fashion calls for more somber hues.  But this season is gray is coming in and coming in strong.  The range of grays is very versatile and you can blame it only on all the rich abdications.  Gray has never looked so bright before.

5. Fur/Shearling
Fur is in, and so is shearling.  Whether it be with oversized coats, dresses or really anything you will find fur everywhere.

6. Tea Length Dresses
Get your ankles ready because tea length dresses are in this season.  They are coming in all colors and patterns so be ready to invest.

7. Cobalt
Cobalt blue is in.  Whether you are wearing a dress, a suit, a coat or shorts, this color is acceptable in any form. This particular blue is meant to appeal to the sporty set.

8. Silver
Silver is the metal that is in this season.  Whether it be metallic looking fabrics or bejeweled-apparel it's everywhere.  You won't be able to escape this flashy metal.

9. The 60s
The 60s are back in full swing and bringing a groovy revolution to fashion.  It's coming in with knee high boots, slim turtleneck dresses and sequined polka dot cardigans.

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